Receive what you believe in 2018!

Let us start the New Year off with recieving what we believe is ours according to what God promises. We are all open to receiving in ways that are acceptable to us; for instance if its money, food, a car, or a job earning more. These are things that first come to mind to be received. However, receiving goes much further and we need to be open to all receiving is and how it works in our lives. We are at times resistant to receiving, due to a lack of awareness, we miss it when it’s not material or instantaneous. Receiving is to accept or take something that comes to you which can be material or spiritual. If it’s for your good you accept or take it with thanks giving, if it’s not good you simply give a firm no thank you.

Receiving is progression, it moves us from one place to another. You can say, it is the vehicle of transporting, of transformation, and of change to a new life filled with new experiences.

We experience life in accordance to all and what we have received. What you have received means what you have been taught and believed is true and accurate. It is believing in what the influence of authority figures and noticeable elites have impressed upon us.

Receiving is a path. It makes way to the next thing in our lives whether for better or not. We all have had friends or relatives whom we’ve learned good things and bad things, people who we owe recognition to, for an introduction to a path of blessing or destruction.

To receive understanding, revelation, insight, and enlightenment, is to receive the opportunity to make a new choice that can bring the benefit of a better life. To receive is to be inspired. To receive is to be challenged. When we receive, we then conceid to move forward; It is our decision to rid ourselves of information recieved in the past that blocks better outcomes.

We must insist on getting clarity of every desire and dream, making it crystal clear in our heart and mind; Have determination to have a more desirable experience in every single area of  life in order to gain something more, leading to better outcomes. This is where the power of receiving leads to joy.

If better outcomes is what we dream of ; We will have a flickering light go on, whereby light comes in, (those aha moments) revealing something new and if we conceid to the truth of the light, which is to recieve it, then, like as a metamorphesis we act differently, ready to make new decisions with a new attitude and determination. Although there is still some darkness regarding other life subjects, until the next array of light comes in, then another metamorphesis. The flickering of light flickers and flickers throughout the course of life disspelling darkness unto a beautiful species evolves. The caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

In the same way we can evolve by receiving light, we can come to destruction by what we recieve also. Receiving can at times mean coming to the truth about ourselves and accepting the blocks and barriers we’ve held on to, even letting go of friends that should no longer hold that title. Receiving these nuggets can cause anger and regret, you may even have a bit of a pity party. But be assured the truth will not leave you and it will set you free to a new direction. So walk in all you’ve received. This is the power in receiving.

The question is how do we live open and ready for continual receiving, allowing light to disspell the darkness, (the darkness, what I call the matrix), and walk as change agents carrying the light to help others.

We must remain in the receptive mode, fact checking for insight that will bring evolvement, thereby making us new creatures.

Let us make it a practice to be open to inspiration. Let us seek to be inspired by what we hear and see in one another.

As believers we know that receiving the gift of salvation gave us the promise to live with God now and forever, the gift (salvation) received was the end of a life doomed and destined for an eternal death. Receiving is chance.

Everything must be received! As a believer, we receive salvation, health, healing, wealth, love, and right relationships when we receive by confession Jesus Christ.  Believers have been given by God access to greater life, taken through believing. Receiving is the only way to have any of the above. First believe then receive. Believers have determined to believe in Jesus and to receive what Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection has granted us; which is power and authority in His name. We take action to make change happen by praying and asking “in the name of Jesus”. This is again the power and joy in recieving.

What will you be receiving in 2018? Why don’t you make a list and email it to someone 💌. You can review it this time next year.

As always, with love

Lisa Reid

Repent , Renew, Restore


Repentance:  The traditional understanding is asking for forgiveness of wrong doing (sin). But it’s actually a changing of the mind.  God gives us a place to repent when he reveals his way and his mind about things. We are to change the way we think to getting a clear understanding on how God want us to think on any and every subject. We are to get the mind of God and thereby have a renewed mind.

Isaiah 30:15

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy one of Israel says: In Repentance and rest is your Salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.

Acts 3:19:

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.


We Renew our minds by examining our thoughts on any and all subject matters.

Then seek to get the mind of Christ by.

1: Spending quality time in His word and agreeing with what the bible says, also trading our beliefs and thoughts for the truth of God’s word regarding who we really are. If we do this then the specific point or points God is targeting in us to make the change to the person he really wants us to be in him will begin to form. Then we can release all beliefs of limitation, lack, and fear that ways of the world has taught us . The renewing of the mind will help us develop “Right Thinking”, this is good, because in order for that to happen we must know what to think right about.

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world . but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s  will is , his good, pleasing and perfect will.

“Be transformed”  The process of being transformed is God’s job to do, our job is to Let Him.

Ephesians 4: 22-24

You were taught , with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires;

To be made new in the attitude of your minds;   and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.


This is where we come into all that is ours in accordance to the plan and purpose God has. We are restored from our limited selves to our divine selves. We go from seeing  our smallness to walking in our greatness. The lack or insufficiency ends. Then we begin to walk in, and start recognizing the abundance and favor shown to us. We stop talking out of the ignorance of not knowing to having the awareness that  allows us to walk  in the outcomes dictated by our expectancy, declarations and authority. we are restored to our rightful place as Heirs, Creators, and powerful, victorious people.

Deuteronomy 30: 3 -10 (read whole chapter)

God Your God

Will restore everything you lost; He’ll have compassion on you ; He’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. No matter how far away you end up, God Your God , will get you out of there and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life. He will cut away the thick calluses on your heart and your children’s heart freeing you to love him with your whole heart and soul and live,  Really live. The LORD your GOD will inflict all these curses on your enemies and those who hate you, who were out to get you. And you will make a new start , listening obediently to God, keeping all his commandments that I’m commanding you today. God ,  your God , will outdo himself making things go well for you: you’ll have babies get calves , grow crops, and enjoy an all around good life.

Yes, God will start enjoying you again, making things go well for you just as he enjoyed doing it for your ancestors.

But only if you listen obediently to God, your God and keep the commandments and regulations written in this book of revelation. Nothing half hearted here you must return to God, Your God, totally heart and soul holding nothing back.



By: Minister Terrance Reid








Turn Up on Finances

Experiencing shortage can be really  disturbing. There is really no reason to be in shortage! Shortage is a mindset that we can all overcome along with practicing principles that always work, and it’s not hard to do, okay? We have it within our power to exercise new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking, which makes a new way of living and being.

Money, is like a beast to slay sometimes and there’s other times when money seems to be friendly and obliging to us. It can make you wonder why stability with money is difficult to maintain.

Money is often a reflection of our emotional wellbeing. We should feel empowered & energetic as we move through life, knowing that things are coming together in a positive and productive way at least on some minimal scale. On the larger scale we should feel excited and in love. This kind of emotional outlook means that we are agreeing with life and the flow of our experiences are delighting us.

Making it do what it do fundamentals:

If we can accept that there is an emotional connection with the “all mighty dollar” in a way that allows it to flow or block’s it from flowing into our lives. We must first create the right emotional posture within ourselves, an emotional balance that is steady and unwavering. A steadiness generated from thoughts of well being and goodness. This is a good place to start in changing our relationship with money.

From understanding and accepting the emotional connection with money we move on to a more deliberate emotion of empowerment by considering what decisions and actions we can take. Actions taken out of decisions of committing to putting things in priority like, giving, saving, trusting & spending; like how do we apply our faith to give and to receive, according to the law of giving & receiving so that it is working in our lives.  Ah, that is a new thought to process! How are we applying our faith in a law, a law set in motion in the universe that operates just like the law of gravity, in that universal laws are constant and do not change.

Once decisions have been committed to, a non-negoitable is Creating an attitude of gratitude, it cannot be overly stated, we absolutely must develop this attitude of gratitude by looking as deeply as we can at what is working in our favor with money, appreciating a steady income; with my steady income I can pay a bill or two, which will be sooo good. The bills I have, has allowed me to have transportation and put gas in it and take care of it as best I can, because I appreciate this vehicle, stuff like that, and we can continue with these type of statements confirming things that money has afforded us and is still making possible for us. It is through our gratitude that we can settle our emotions and feel a since of well being with gratefulness.  It is this attitude that opens the path, the flow, of more trickling in that must be welcomed with more gratitude. We must always, always look for the bright side because it is there, so look for it and decide to focus on it.

Don’t miss the shift of wealth!

I believe that many millionaires have acquired their wealth through focus and application, they were appreciative of every stride that allowed for a next step to there goal, that developed in to wealth, unless they were born into it.

I also believe that people of faith and moral consciousness will be the millionaires of the future. There is going to be a shift of wealth where the millionaire will be the person of faith, faith that allows the wealth and abundance to flow to them. It will be a flow of goodness with material gain that will come to the faithful who have believed to expect good things because of their moral compass and intent to bless in a way that supports the stability of others.

I believe that money will no longer separate people because the faithful will be in control of the flow of money and will move it not just for capitalism and self promotion but for the difference it will make in the earth creating centeredness and stability in others.

People of faith should prepare themselves to manage wealth and be good decision makers with money.  Direct the Benjamins to be all about your growth and increase as well as for your family & community, making it all about what you can do to make the world a better place of blessing, where we can all live rejoicing.

Lets be practical

We have to prepare ourselves by knowing what we’re spending and how we’re spending. To manage huge sums of money we have to be in charge of money. Money cannot rule over us, so by keeping some basics in order we put ourselves in charge over money. Money should serve us  and not have us at it’s mercy and seduction. To become the faithful millionaire let us set our intention and take some action steps.

Here are some abc’s of small steps to take:

  • Be a giver; giving confirms our trust & dependence on God , as well as our compassion for others, and our contribution to the economy.
  • Set goals: set a yearly goal for saving, for giving, and for retirement 
  • Have a life insurance policy
  • Pamper yourself with something special at least 3 times a year
  • Be a planner; plan for your vacations, holidays, school shopping, you can go as far as having a special savings account that you deposit into  on a regular basis just to cover these types of things.
  • Auto set savings to transfer from your checking accounts.
  • Know your major monthly expenses; be sure your expenses meet your income or at least know the difference. For instance if your expenses are $1000 and your income is $950, then you know that $50 is all you have after expenses, so hopefully food & gas was included in the monthly expenses, if not, you know you have to eliminate a bill or find away to make some extra cash. 

Let’s be wise and rich!

Lisa Reid




It’s house cleaning time

I think everyone grew up with a day to clean the house where you got to clean the things behind and underneath, right? And stuff was pulled out and thrown away and you had to think about if things were to be kept or thrown away. Sometimes you might ask a parent or sibling, do you think I should keep this or throw it away? Some of us are people who never throw anything away to make room for more space or something new.

You may see where I’m going with this. We gotta do the same thing with our beings. I know you clean yourself every day in the shower but what about your being, that inner person? There comes times when we must set the day for cleaning our being, the house we carry into the world engaging with the people and the environment.

I’m asking that we pick a time and place at home to sit and look inside at what’s there mentally,  emotionally and spiritually.  To understand what we think and believe, what our living has brought us to and what we believe and know about ourselves. Are we caring, understanding, emotional,  likable, and why. Mostly, we should evaluate the messages given and received and how those messages are serving our lives today. We should consider what our dreams are and how close are we to reaching them.  For some of us, if we even have a dream and did we ever.

So you see cleaning house is soul searching and getting clear. it’s a time of self love, to nurture your being. To say I love you enough to check in on you and gage your happy radar. It’s this radar that attracts,  repells, and gathers. Can we manipulate the radar, do we set our radar, what do we understand about the signals in our radar?

As we set the day to clean or maybe the universal time clock as set you up to be still and there’s nothing to do but house cleaning . 

I suggest while you clean, intentionally and vocally let go of stuff, tell self judgment good bye, I no longer need you. Bad attitude you may have served me at one time but I’ve put you away and now I throw you out for good. Are you getting the idea? The tough guy that is always ready to stand up and greet others is out dated, welcoming some charm in doses may bring delightful changes. What about thoughts and ideas about money? What needs to be reconsidered and thrown out? Can you let go of it being a divider, an exposer of the ugly, how it has failed you or caused havoc in your life? Do you consider  yourself shy or outgoing and what either has granted  you. These are sometimes the deep seeded thoughts that need to move out, be released and in many cases destroyed never to return.

I’m committing to regular cleaning of my being to see what new things take up space where the old once was.

Jesus said you don’t pour new wine into old wine skins.

Happy cleaning 


New Paradigms  

Wilt thou be made whole? Will you choose life, meaning living it at its fullest, through your thoughts , words, and actions? Will you examine your thoughts to see and know where they come from, who they belong to and how they serve you in living your fullest life today .

You see we must pull down strong holds, which are thoughts & habits formed out of beliefs . We must bring thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. The  strange thing about this is that it will cause us to act in ways that we are uncomfortable with, it moves us out of a comfort zone, that we don’t feel is right for us or we’re ready for.

Pulling down strong holds may mean we are lead to incounter our judgments, and we should always start with ourselves to be made whole, as the question was asked. What do we judge about ourselves to be good or bad, and where did that come from. If we judge something good of ourselves, how did we determine that, who told you that was good about you, was it the abusive boyfriend, a frightful and manipulating parent, or did God say it was good? We must agree with God to be whole! And it’s the same line of questions for the bad.

What if our level of confidence is a strong hold, how do we decide what is confidence in ourselves ,  is it knowing we do a particular thing well? Confidence to make better choices, to trust in our process in growing. The confidence  that God has use of us and we are valuable to the arena we are in. How about not hiding our attitudes and temperaments to please others, so we don’t feel rejected but rather being who we are just as we are. It is my belief that this kind of pulling down strong holds opens unexpected doors, unimaginable avenues, if we can allow ourselves to get past the feelings the strong holds have us conditioned to feel.

What if we begin to condition ourselves to examine our thoughts and consider their origin before flowing in them? What if we destroy the mindsets that have kept us incomplete ,  full of self doubt, and resisting the flow of better things.

What am I saying ?  Honor yourself, care about yourself more than just to feed & cloth yourself ,  but care about how you feel and how a person or event makes you feel, care about why those feelings are showing up. Then ask how does this get better for me. I’m suggesting letting go of resisting new thoughts, having new experiences and observing what happens.  Become aware of the unfolding in each moment.

Being whole means paying attention to our choices as we make them and to examine why that was or was not the best choice. How does the choice resignate with your being whole or not?

Disclaimer, this is some life altering activity and it will make your life unrecognizable to you and most of all lead to wellness to eventually see a full and unapologetic life.

Peace and Love


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