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   The Reid Connection is presenting the 4th & final piece to the success formula revealed to us, that we submit to you in hopes you will apply it as you move towards success. Week 4

Clarity is a topic that has many layers for defining it’s meaning in our lives. The question is how do we get to a place of clarity?
There were times when I questioned why things were happening or not happening in my life. My disappointment with what I was having or experiencing led me to ask for more understanding, and to declare what I was believing / thinking or doing to make things better for myself. What I discovered from this is I had two ideas of thought. There was a conscious thought and an unconscious thought within. This is what is called wavering. James 1:6-8 tells us a wavering man shall not receive anything. Two thoughts going on within is considered being double minded, meaning you are tossed from one idea, conscious thought and another, unconscious thought, which is considered to be unstable.
To have success in a certain area of life or in a certain way requires we become very definitive.
Vacillating ideas:  Having faith and unbelief at the same time!
Thinking that money is needed, but it is evil. Money is wanted but it gets in the way of us loving God or family or community. Money is useful but it will change us into someone not likable.
Wanting to go to school but thinking you’re too old to reinvent yourself.  Becoming a sales person for the big earnings you know are being made, while thinking you don’t have what it takes to sell. Wanting more but thinking you’ve done too much to deserve something good to happen for you. Wanting more but thinking you cant make changes. How bout, you should be earning more, but not willing to seek or ask for more.
These vacillating ideas of thought are working in a way that creates a barrier to the success wished for.
You must definitively decide:
  • what you will and wont do
  • what you do like and do not like
  • What gives you joy and what does not
Clarity is your awareness of your barriers then moving past the barriers. The self help gurus all agree you must focus on your “WHY” for your desires to be manifested], creating clarity.  I’ve heard, where focus goes, energy flows.
Clarity allows for choices that are in alignment with who you are. It includes understanding your purpose or calling so much so that everything you do is to fulfill it. When you are moving in clarity you are on purpose, doing things with purpose, not overly focused on the challenges and whatever difficulties. Clarity makes us commit or not commit, it allows for our creativity and will keep us in the processes we must go through. Clarity puts us on the path best for success, confirming we stay the course until our goal is manifested. Being clear keeps your faith in action, being clear pushes you forward despite any fears.
This kind goes out with prayer & fasting. Clarity needs to be sought.
My additional suggestion is meditation with prayer. Meditation has advanced my awareness, promoted humility, increased gratitude, and YES clarified my next step. All of this prompted a more faith filled prayer about my desires and  surrender to my greater good.
Now, instead of prayer about a bunch of WHYS & WHY FOR, I made specific request with excitement and trust.
To become clear for success; I propose setting aside time to sit still, do meditation and then pray.
Lets get clear, lets be on purpose about things that really matter to us. Let’s get on with the people that are of divine connection for us. This is clarity that leads to a life fulfilled, a life complete, and success.
I’m praying for this list, the formula for success in my life and I’m praying for this list for your life: Healing – Deliverance – Love – Clarity.  If you are inspired to pray for me, pray this success formula list.
It is my accepted belief that by Divine revelation, this is what will guarantee success that will surprise you.
Peace and Love,
Lisa Reid

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