The Reid Connection is presenting the 3rd piece to the success formula revealed to us, that we submit to you in hopes you will apply it as you move towards success. Week 3

3. LOVE:
Most people can think back on a moment when you get something desired and look for a person you have a love connection with, to enjoy the moment and that person is not there. It is at that moment when the significance of love is clear.
When we come face to face with the absence of love for some reason, we get
more clear about the importance for love.
Showing up or not showing up for someone who really needs you in a crisis enforces the value love has.
Love is a requirement for real success. Without love most everything will be only a momentary joy. Love begets love, just as hate begets hate. We tend to look for love in all the wrong places because our conscious and emotions do crave love, so we go about reaching for it on a sub conscious level, sending signals and signs with our body language and conversation to attract what we are begging others to give to us. We seek and search for love with our style, behavior, toys, and trinkets. We go about being seductive or suave to elicit and entice people and things for our possession. Love within our being protects us, it sets boundaries, and it will overflow. Love starts with ourselves, then it extends. Love for ourselves helps us to maintain our health, promotes our self-care from doing too much that causes neglect to ourselves, love connects us with others who will reflect our love for ourselves. We can mirror love to all others no matter what their status and circumstance because love flows through us.
This is a good time to promote reading 1 Cor 13, where the definition of love is more defined.
Make a list of what love is / is not and for each character of love rate where you are from 1 to 10, 10 meaing doing well, 1 meaning doing poorly.
Love should be the controlling factor for our behaviors, tolerance, patience, and support. We should begin and end everything with an attitude of love. Having and feeling love will without a doubt assure success for each of us. Having all we desire, reaching our achievements, and living in luxury means nothing without loving yourself well, as well as having a spouse, parent, child, or sibling to share with.
Pray to be more loving and for the power of love to be at work within you. I  want to emphasize that we all must learn what live does to recognize it’s force and affects.
I  stand firmly in concluding success can not be materilized without love.
Lisa Reid

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