I declare that I will speak only positive words over my self, my spouse, and my family.

I declare that I will walk in Faith with boldness by taking steps toward my goals and purpose without worrying about the how.

I declare that blessings will unexpectedly come my way always.

I declare that I will move from mediocracy thinking and barely making it thinking to Abundant thinking and more than enough thinking.

I declare I will stop describing my situation(that don’t line up with me achieving my Abundance) with words instead I will use my words to change that situation for the good.

I declare that no matter how big a creative challenge (problem) maybe I will speak to that issue about how big my God is and how he can turn around.

Terrance Reid


Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded

Being vulnerable can help us work through our emotions rather than pushing them away. It fosters good emotional and mental health vulnerability can also be a good sign of courage and strength. We become more brave and resilient when we embrace our true selves and what we are really feeling.

Vulnerability gives us an opportunity to give our Higher Self a chance to detach from the old self and get a momentum going towards the new. We must give it our all and once we do we will start devaluing some of the things our ego/old self led us to believe was true and would not allow us to believe nothing different.



The Higher Self has no ego

The Higher Self defies comfort zones

The Higher Self is faithful and is led by intuition

The Higher Self slows you down and through the Higher Self being alone never means loneliness.

The Higher Self builds you up and makes everything clear so that we can get positive results.

Through the Higher Self we can welcome different without judging it with our limited beliefs and be open to new experiences.

The Higher Self helps us disconnect worthy feelings with accomplishments and in return we can enjoy the process of detaching.

Through the Higher Self we can have life and have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

Terrance Reid



A person’s sense of self esteem or self importance.

The ego, one of the three divisions of psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning in the perception of and adaptation to reality


Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your self your personal identity or feeling of self-importance. it helps us identify our uniqueness on a positive note it helps you stand up for yourself and put plans into action.

It sometimes gets a bad rap which it deserve it certain instances , Mentality wise you must try to notice when your ego is influencing you and by acknowledging that your ego is involved in certain situations it will help you make decisions better in trying to reach your Higher Self.

The Higher Self

Some egotistical attributes that we have to let go of or at least try to be aware of to get on the path to the Higher Self.

The Ego in Latin means I

The ego is over critical

The ego is always looking to keep you in a comfortable and low vibration

The ego will always put you in front of everything

The ego can be very unconscious

The ego will try to lead you

We must give up the power struggle with the ego.

Terrance Reid


We must understand that our values are and should be more important and better than any rules.

Values are personal but never private

Values can create or destroy

Values must be accepted

Values must be identified

Values must be believed

Values should be shared

Values attract like values

Values send a message

Values are very important especially in leadership here are a few

Leadership Values

The Value of Self Control

The Value of Faithfulness

The Value of Humility

The Value of Integrity towards those you serve

The Value of Responsible Communication

The Value of Personal Integrity

The Value of Maturity

If we operate in these values we can build the trust we need to be an effective and powerful Leader in our Homes , Community, Ministry, Business, etc.

Thank You

Terrance Reid


Faith is a state of mind Faith is the starting point to everything it is the basis of all miracles and mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of logic (Natural Mind).

Faith is the antidote for failure and when mixed with prayer it gives us direct communication to God and his infinite intelligence. Faith is the only force of the infinite intelligence that can be used by Man.

Faith is sure and certain and with that being said these two qualities need a secure beginning and ending point. The beginning is believing God’s character- Believing He is who he say he is. The end point is Believing in his promises When we believe in his promises being fulfilled in our lives even though we don’t see them right away materializing we demonstrate true Faith.

Now Faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed) and the evidence of things not seen (the conviction of their reality-faith comprehends as facts what cannot be experienced by the physical senses). Hebrews 11:1 (AMP)

Faith requires submerging yourself in that thing that you want and believing for. it’s like when you get into a pool , you put your feet in first to test the temperature of the water then you start going a little deeper. How deep are we willing to dive into operating in our Faith.

Thank You

Terrance X, Reid

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