What’s the plan

The days of pensions are gone, social security is at $17,000 a year, and a 401k calls for managing your funds to secure and protect what you can be certain to have later. All this is to be considered today if you wish to live a normal life above the poverty level.

Let me make some of these ideas easier for you; Life Insurance, it can make all the planning simple.

Most often we have decided that something is not affordable to us in terms of spending. How about deciding whats unacceptable to your life and future.  Its unacceptable to live without a plan to secure and protect your future.

I’d be like to encourage you to be willing to pay the price for love.

  • Love yourself enough to secure your future with retirement planning. Love your family enough to protect them and your assets. Love knowing you have ensured all is well with you.

If you are reading this and saying , I should do this. Contact me and allow me to assist in an detailed plan for you.

Lisa Reid,

404 399 1158





The Me Too Movement!


While so many of us can say “me too”, to some kind of abuse and disparity with others or community. We can also declare “me too”, to the experiences of healing, of prosperity, of miracles, and of favor thats happened. What am I suggesting? Well, often times we identify with horrible and unfortunate things that have happened to someone because we can identify with it, we remember how we felt in the same or similar incident. The feelings and thoughts are present, with sadness, anger or guilt as say “me too”

“Me too”, proclaims how an experience resonates with us, it indicates how we identify with the suffering, pain, or abuse of another. “Me too” connects us emotionally with a past situation or circumstances.

“Me too” can also connect us to a future experience desired. So, lets exclaim “me too” every time we hear of a lottery winner, a new homeowner,  we see someone driving in the car we love. SAY Me too, with the excitement that must have accompanied that fabulous moment of accomplishment.

Me too is not only an identifier of the past but a bridge to creation of the future. We can deliberately create by resonating with an experience that can be ours. Me too is personal, it’s an expression, a declaration, an exist and an entrance.

I’m saying me too every time I hear good news with a personal embrass of jubilation.

Me too is a movement for identification of the past AND for the future.

Lisa Reid


It’s time Y’all

It’s time to step into and step up to. I believe NOW more than ever before is the time to pursue dreams, determine direction, and set goals. Make baby steps or huge leaps into a dream with the confidence that success is meant to be.

It’s time to shake off, drop and release limits and doubt. We can all seek and align to therapeutic paths and energies to get over the dogma of our past. Choose what you like, will it be the gym, the church, books, or just getting counseling. Do what you gotta do and do it for your success.

So, the question becomes what do you want? Is it love, joy, wealth, health, full in the blank, THEN go after it.

What does it look like in your minds eye, see it everyday and get hungry, get obsessed. Feed the fuel yall!

It’s time to let go; You gotta let go of what; the past and its hurts and wounds because the energy of it is holding you back.

Let go of what; the doubtful and negative thoughts that are causing delays and stagnation in your life. Every time you plan to make a move, mr. doubt & ms negativity starts talking. Let them go.

And this is my last one. Let go of what; knowing it all and having to be right.  Drop the mic!!!

You don’t know everything about everything and what you do know needs more. You should hope to be wrong sometimes rather than wanting to be right. Some of y’all are fulfilling self prophecy, being right and the prophecy aint serving you. Give yourself the chance to learn. Be teachable. Hey, if what you already know got you in a space you don’t like, then it’s time to learn something new.

It’s time AND it’s your time, yeah you, to be blessed.



The End & The Beginning

“It’s the worst of times and the best of times”.

It’s TRUE universally and personally. We all must step into these days of change with passion and purpose. We get to display our passion and determine our purpose, in the current state of affairs.

We have this unique opportunity to define what represents us, our values, and our convictions. While we do this publicly, we cannot overlook where we stand privately and personally.

It is in this day as we make history universally, we make internal progress by speaking our truth through the support we give in word and action, so much so that we are compelled to seek our authenticity, understanding what we are deserving of as expressions of the Almighty, and we become more convinced that it is our time to shine!

To shine means to have and to hold our rights for liberty, in health, in commerce, and in the pursuit of happiness in all areas of life. Many are now finally ready to protect, defend, and relish in these things to make them evident in our existence.

We are all equal, and equally loved. So let’s move in self love and love others in like manner.

Hallelujah 🤗

Lisa Reid


Proverbs 4:26

Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.
What is the instruction here to ponder the path of your feet, from God? Could it be that God is saying pay attention to where you are and where you’re going.

We are establishing our ways on a certain path throughout life, its the path that you’re on and the way, (being your thinking and attitude) inwhich you’re traveling.  The path, consist of our existing life, our career path, the love path, the spiritual path, but mostly the path of awareness.

It’s amazing how powerful we are and we don’t even know it. Our choices for self love, self care, self respect and to reach for the biggest and best for ourselves are often tainted and shortcoming. As a mature adult, I’ve grown into speaking upfront to God and others about what I would like best. Of course our Sovergn God knows what is best for us, which is most often better than what we can imagine for ourselves. God is not shaken by our high and mighty wants, it is our high and mighty attitudes He rejects. What is established now and whats to come is formed from our awareness to

  • Be as we should be
  • Act from self love
  • Demonstrate love to others.

What is established now may have come from ways of needing to control, fear, manipulation, calculation, and insecurity. These ways have set us on a detoured path. The path to ponder on is carved out of an awareness that, it’s not personal. Whatever it is, it’s not personal. All that’s required of us is to focus on how we honor ourselves without attitude and revenge. If we can do this we eliminate conflict even when confrontation seems to be needed.

This is our faith in action. It proves we agree with God and believe we are who God says we are. This is our trust in God, in that we do our part and allow God to take care of the rest including others.

  • Faith and Trust are ways to be established in our lives.
  • Strength and courage are ways to be established in our lives.
  • A positive attitude is a sure way to be established in our lives.
  • Love is the way to be established.

Peace & Love

Terrance and Lisa Reid



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