Get set for 2020

In this new year God is seeking an intimate relationship with you, me, us.

I strongly believe in this new decade it is our intimate relationship with God that will make our lives delightful as well as impactful in an all new way.

It is time to really look at what God has already done for us and to live in recognition and appreciation of what His plan for our lives is.

Ephesians 1 & 2 expresses God’s plan to choose us and call us, his plan to redeem us with forgivness by His grace, and His plan to give believers power. It was and is Gods decision to have a family, sons and daughters, sharing all of who he is and all of what he does, then for us to show His blessings upon us, inspite of us, for all to see. This is what really makes God amazing.

We are his very own that can brag on His unexplainable love and mercy along with His awesome power to have us become supernatural beings.

We are to defeat materialism and also live above lack, shortage and insufficiency.

We are to grow through all sin, set backs and/or set ups of the enemy.

We are to experience His love that is like no other kind of love and be enamored at the inexhaustible patience and enduring love God has for us.

We must know this all henges on who God is and none of who you, me, we are.

It is not because you have not cheated, stolen, killed, lied, or any goodness you can pin to yourself. It is all due to His established plan long before we were born. How awesome is this?

Just like you did not and could not do anything good enough for God to have chosen, called or set a plan for redemption, likewise you are not that bad either.

Accepting His love and setting your affections on Him is the only way to go. Just love God with all your heart. He will know, He already does. So, where does proving it with performance or judgement of other come into play? This is futile.

Desire His presence to help be like Him; loving, forgiving, patient and tolerant. This only comes by seeking after God alone.

Encourage yourself to let go of self righteousness and to release religion. God is not in either. There’s no boasting or self grandiose posture.

We must allow God to shape and mold us into his workmanship for good works, which is the work he determined to do by the redemption plan, which once again is forgiveness of sin, tolerance for one another and love for the sinner all leading to a circumcision of heart not of flesh. Crucifying fleshly deeds can still leave a need for the circumcision of the heart. Thirst after Gods heart to match that, instead of defending His Holiness.

God drew you, believe that, you did not just get up one day and want to be good. No, you were sick of something about yourself and God was right there to embrace you. He will draw others in the same way.

Could it be you are hard on others because you doubt your own purity. Well, being intimate with God takes care of that issue as well.

Love what God loves, which is people and hate what God hates which is the enemy.

It is by God’s grace extended, and our having faith in His redemption plan (the birth, life, death & resurrection of Jesus, his son) that we are God’s family.


Lisa Reid

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