Wholeness, Will thou be made whole?

This question comes from a scripture that asks do you, me, we want to be whole?

The question suggests that we should exam what we really want deep inside. We must consider what the change in our lives will be like. We must be willing to take the risk that the new landscape that wholeness will bring is where we’ll see happiness.

We must ask ourselves some questions if wholeness is wanted. What about the people who may not find us relatable, or, the critics that will remind us of what we once were? That is to say that whatever we once were is still who we really are.

So the question needs to be asked with a stiff neck, tilted head, and with a curious eye. Do you really want to be made whole?

Can you handle the obligation, the responsibility, the accountability, the decision making? Oh my God and the daily choices that support an onward, upward and forward movement, is surely to overwhelm one. Then there is the question of forgiveness, can we forgive others, forgive ourselves, and summon the courage needed to ask those affected for forgiveness?

Do you realize the old thinking and old ways must go? Can you imagine what life will look like, or have you been imagining a life that could not possibly be acceptable because the newly imagined life could not coexist with the rules and regulations you hold to your heart now?

Wholeness could very well mean not caring so much about others and more about self care. Wholeness could mean you are satisfied with leading a horse to the water and letting go, not staying and trying to make him drink.

Wholeness may look like your being at peace with yourself, the good and the not so good.

Wholeness is a determination of faith that God has got you AND is completing the good work He’s begun in you.

Wholeness, a new beginning to a very happy ending.

Peace and Love,


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