About Us

Terrance & Lisa met through and by the spirit. It  was the law of attraction, that allowed their paths to cross. We are Christians and it’s our desire to be used to minister, encourage, promote self-development and especially to win souls to Christ.

We live in Atlanta GA with a combined family of 5 with only 1 under the age of 18.

Our background includes being raised with single parents in the inner city and having to grow into responsible and accountable adults, who learned the ways of God through study of the bible and are transformed by applying and practicing the ways of the Kingdom of God.

Our trials and tribulations have shaped our thinking, attitudes, and beliefs.

We now live our lives based in love and it’s attributes. It is our endeavor to help others while we help ourselves become stronger and greater creators on the earth. We will share our stories,  discoveries and involvement in hope that our community will be as transparent as we will be and we’ll all grow, develop and evolve together in our individual worlds.

Peace & Love The Reid’s

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