What Salvation Means


It is to be saved! Saved from doom on earth and for eternity. It grants:

  • opportunity to a greater existence
  • access to a higher consciousness
  • ability to overcome
  • advancement from mere natural capabilities to a supernatural advantage

And salvation is much more. What it grants is good news for mankind. To the Christian is it God’s redemptive plan allowing

  • Forgiveness of sins done by a sinful nature
  • Right relationship with GOD, which is considered righteousness
  • Extraordinary power by means of “The Blood of Jesus” and “The Word of GOD”
  • Eternal life with GOD

Salvation is remission, redemption, & freedom. It is the cleansing of mankind’s consciousness of judgement, punishment & guilt. Mankind can assume a new life of power and glory, with a chance to live victoriously as a deliberate creator and worshipper of GOD. Through salvation, mankind is supported my a loving and merciful God, Who will lead and guide you through life, all it’s challenges, trials, & crisis.

Our salvation gives a connection and a oneness to fellowship with God that will inspire us to trust in, lean on & receive discipleship that demonstrates the love of God for ourselves and to others. Discipleship reflects the Divines’ purpose

& plan to rescue man from destruction.

How is salvation obtained? I’m glad you asked!

It’s so simple and leaves no room for deliberation, it requires no offerings and nothing is left to chance, there’s no need to consider doubt.

Just do it! Roman 10:9 Confess with your mouth and believe with your heart. Accepting in your heart and speaking out of your mouth does it, and assures your salvation, putting you in right relationship and makes you a connected child of GOD.

Your Confession,
I believe Jesus is the Son of God, who died for the remission of my sin and who God raised from the grave for my justification.

If you have made this confession with faith in it, please enter your email for more information to support your new created self.

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