SUCCESS, WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN? Week 2 success formula


We come back as promised to share our success formula. This is a formula that employs a prayer strategy.


I can admit that my dreams were often deep within a vault unlikely to see the light of day. Because my dreams had too many questions attached like, how or really or the hardest question, what would be required of me. The reality is it would require a changed me, new and improved.
Spirit knows what it would actually take and leads us into the wilderness for deliverance.

We all have ideas in our minds about what is real and true. We have ideas that make us believe how life is supposed to be for us. There are ideas in us that we are not even aware of, these ideas are working within us creating the dynamics that frame our lives.

We have ideas inside that tell us where you are to live, the type of mate you can and will have, ideas on your work or career path.
For most of us these ideas are limiting, we have a limit on what is possible for us as individuals. We often think in terms of having this or that, instead of having both or all.
It’s funny how shooting for the stars is very far fetched and out of sight.
We must pray for deliverance of these subconscious limitations. We can be delivered from our limiting beliefs. The challenges we need will come to us that will help us become aware of the limits we have within. Necessities become elusive causing new and necessary determinations to be concluded. Life will demand your attention to something that really matters and shifts you into deciding something different, something you never thought or considered you’d decide to do or not to do. This is a way that deliverance works for us. Deliverance opens way to new desires, ideas and attitudes.
Deliverance will cause us to let go or at least it will direct your attention to your needing to let go of something, someone or someway. The wished-for career or mate or residence becomes a thing of the past or it loses its lustra.  Pray to be delivered from ideas of limitations to reach meaningful success.
To see success in any area of life, granted success is more than mediocre, mundane and tolerable, we should be willing to be a dreamer and risk taker.
To be a dreamer and risk taker deliverance from limitations, which includes anxiety, doubting and confusion.
I’m claiming my deliverance while I move to success today.
 Lisa Reid

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