SUCCESS, what does it really mean

pexels-photo-262488.jpegWe at The Reid Connection have a success formula revealed to us, that we submit to you in hopes you will apply it as you move towards success. We invite you to follow us over the next 4 weeks as we share our success formula.

The world has programmed us to think big and to reach for great achievements to obtain success. Success is certainly the results of our thinking and actions that allows for wonderful valuables, toys, and trinkets.
I would like to suggest however, that we look at our internal thoughts and feelings, focusing on what we really think about ourselves, others and the state of the union, and focusing on what we really feel about the same. Seeing clearly where we really are internally is a major way to achieve success.
Let’s begin by looking within our internal first as we begin our path to success, lets consider success is a result of a good attitude, bold decisions, and our feeling good about who we are and what we want.
What if the world promoted and influenced us to believe that to be successful means a sense of wholeness and wellness. Where people are considered successful based on their confidence and ability to show authenticity with appreciation? And be judged successful secondly based on bigger bank accounts, gaining millionaire status, the career path, driving the car we love, and having a home to brag about? These are all wonderful things that I personally desire too.
Now, as I step over the line to cross into the senior part of my life, which is only a number given to us, to mean senior, but it is also a time when things in life become clearer and we have understanding about how life functions and what brings about a better functioning life.
Starting with the process of HEALING:
Increased income and more money as opposed to wealth and riches, which are different in definition dont always mean you are successful. More money does not necessarily mean wealth or success. I have learned that more money can mean more problems and more debt due to the way we manage money, which may come out of a mindset of lack, not enough or just enough. A mindset of insecurity, fear, and inadequacy, or a mindset of competition, neediness,and validation. Let’s do mindset checks regularly.⚖
We will chase wealth and riches until we can develop a mind to master the management of finances from a healthy soul.
We must pray for healing. Healing cures us of the ills that keep us wishing for things to make us feel better and feel good internally. Healing is to feel better rather then sick. We’re no longer sick and feeling bad when we’re healed. It is an illusion that money gives happiness and confidence. Money does not give us internal well being. Money without healing can lead to addictions, abuse, and misbehavior.
When you are sick with health issues, you need healing. When you are sick with heart break, you want healing, when you know you’re not feeling good, you seek healing. So, let’s look to be healed and feel good. Take time to focus on how you’re feeling daily, to discover what will allow you to feel good. Thats when success is experienced.
Be healed!gold-ingots-golden-treasure-47047.jpeg
Lisa Reid

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