Spring Clean into Summer!

People, it’s time to clean up, in order to glow up, turn up, & start up. pexels-photo-221247.jpeg

Get your body moving with stretching, meditation, & exercise. 15 minutes of stretch while taking deep breaths gets the blood flowing, and resets the brain. Time is your friend, time is your savior, time is something your are never without. We all get the same amount of time and we get to chose what we’ll do with it. Take your time, own it, make it work for you. That being said; include stretching for 10 – 15 minutes, take some deep breaths, and listen to the in and out breaths, give these breaths your full attention.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! Do it with your 24 hours given. Give some of it back to God and to yourself. 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, you got it and you need to use it to meditate. pexels-photo-156151.jpegJust sit quiet, listen, and breathe. Your mind, body and spirit may resist but be determined, make it a ritual.

Let’s talk about eating,

Eat healthy by starting at the least with reducing and adding. Reduce sugar, preservative preserved food made to last long on supermarket shelves, it comes packaged in jars, frozen cartons, and zip locked bags. LET IT GO, to add lengths of days to your life, for longevity, and to experience some adventure.

Add more, vegetables, fruit, water & herbs. Lightly cook, steam, bake but raw works too. Think, if it grows, it flows, in the body.

Your body is your temple, what does that mean to you? Why don’t you think about that and write what it means for you to have health & fitness?

Spring into summer with a new sacred temple that is mentally strong, physically fit, and with spiritual fortitude.

Finally, let me suggest Galatians 5:22 to really shine. We’ll focus on this next week!

Peace, Love, Joy

Terrance & Lisa Reid

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