Me too,

People of God, God fearing folks, Marching Saints, where is your voice, your righteousness indignation?

Aren’t we leaders and ambassadors?

How often has it been that the church is the last in setting the standard on moral treatment, while raising the highest rant on immorality?

Disclosure; I love the church and the people of God as well as all others. However, I do think we need to set the bar higher on indignations worth speaking to.

There seems to be a smorgest board, to pick and choose from.

Well, this me too movement is one to pick, and I could name some others, but I’ll begin with this one, (It’s easier for some).

Many are coming out, many are wanting to tell their story, it’s not a story just for the elite to tell, you know. There is so much displacement of blame, some blame themselves, some blame their victimizer, some blame their caregivers and  so on. But now is the time to close the gap on respect and equality.

Mother, daughter, woman, ladies, it’s time to commend your sister or sista for enduring the fear & shame, for conquering the intent of the enemy to demoralize & destroy, for overcoming with intention & tenacity and finally for the hope of the next generation, be open and vulnerable.

I challenge you to tell your story, listen to another’s story, cry together and comfort one another. It’s time for this……

A defining moment in history took shape this year in the form of the #Metoo movement. Across the nation women took a bold stand and spoke up against the sexual misconduct and mistreatment they endured unjustly and for far too long. The impact has been felt everywhere, from businesses, to churches and beyond. In this session we look at the problem, how we can address it, and how we can support the victims.
Ladies, Get in formation!


Now is the time to recognize women manipulated by impulsive lust, time to accept women preyed upon for ill gotten gain, and to unite with women of abuse and shame due to wolves in shepherd clothing, who only had one goal in mind. Some ladies may need to forgive themselves for what was too painful to admit. We have judged and punished one another for having the same wants and needs that have led us into the market place unprepared and unprotected while looking for love in all the wrong places.

Peace and Love,

Lisa Reid


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