It’s house cleaning time

I think everyone grew up with a day to clean the house where you got to clean the things behind and underneath, right? And stuff was pulled out and thrown away and you had to think about if things were to be kept or thrown away. Sometimes you might ask a parent or sibling, do you think I should keep this or throw it away? Some of us are people who never throw anything away to make room for more space or something new.

You may see where I’m going with this. We gotta do the same thing with our beings. I know you clean yourself every day in the shower but what about your being, that inner person? There comes times when we must set the day for cleaning our being, the house we carry into the world engaging with the people and the environment.

I’m asking that we pick a time and place at home to sit and look inside at what’s there mentally,  emotionally and spiritually.  To understand what we think and believe, what our living has brought us to and what we believe and know about ourselves. Are we caring, understanding, emotional,  likable, and why. Mostly, we should evaluate the messages given and received and how those messages are serving our lives today. We should consider what our dreams are and how close are we to reaching them.  For some of us, if we even have a dream and did we ever.

So you see cleaning house is soul searching and getting clear. it’s a time of self love, to nurture your being. To say I love you enough to check in on you and gage your happy radar. It’s this radar that attracts,  repells, and gathers. Can we manipulate the radar, do we set our radar, what do we understand about the signals in our radar?

As we set the day to clean or maybe the universal time clock as set you up to be still and there’s nothing to do but house cleaning . 

I suggest while you clean, intentionally and vocally let go of stuff, tell self judgment good bye, I no longer need you. Bad attitude you may have served me at one time but I’ve put you away and now I throw you out for good. Are you getting the idea? The tough guy that is always ready to stand up and greet others is out dated, welcoming some charm in doses may bring delightful changes. What about thoughts and ideas about money? What needs to be reconsidered and thrown out? Can you let go of it being a divider, an exposer of the ugly, how it has failed you or caused havoc in your life? Do you consider  yourself shy or outgoing and what either has granted  you. These are sometimes the deep seeded thoughts that need to move out, be released and in many cases destroyed never to return.

I’m committing to regular cleaning of my being to see what new things take up space where the old once was.

Jesus said you don’t pour new wine into old wine skins.

Happy cleaning 


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