Turn Up on Finances

Experiencing shortage can be really  disturbing. There is really no reason to be in shortage! Shortage is a mindset that we can all overcome along with practicing principles that always work, and it’s not hard to do, okay? We have it within our power to exercise new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking, which makes a new way of living and being.

Money, is like a beast to slay sometimes and there’s other times when money seems to be friendly and obliging to us. It can make you wonder why stability with money is difficult to maintain.

Money is often a reflection of our emotional wellbeing. We should feel empowered & energetic as we move through life, knowing that things are coming together in a positive and productive way at least on some minimal scale. On the larger scale we should feel excited and in love. This kind of emotional outlook means that we are agreeing with life and the flow of our experiences are delighting us.

Making it do what it do fundamentals:

If we can accept that there is an emotional connection with the “all mighty dollar” in a way that allows it to flow or block’s it from flowing into our lives. We must first create the right emotional posture within ourselves, an emotional balance that is steady and unwavering. A steadiness generated from thoughts of well being and goodness. This is a good place to start in changing our relationship with money.

From understanding and accepting the emotional connection with money we move on to a more deliberate emotion of empowerment by considering what decisions and actions we can take. Actions taken out of decisions of committing to putting things in priority like, giving, saving, trusting & spending; like how do we apply our faith to give and to receive, according to the law of giving & receiving so that it is working in our lives.  Ah, that is a new thought to process! How are we applying our faith in a law, a law set in motion in the universe that operates just like the law of gravity, in that universal laws are constant and do not change.

Once decisions have been committed to, a non-negoitable is Creating an attitude of gratitude, it cannot be overly stated, we absolutely must develop this attitude of gratitude by looking as deeply as we can at what is working in our favor with money, appreciating a steady income; with my steady income I can pay a bill or two, which will be sooo good. The bills I have, has allowed me to have transportation and put gas in it and take care of it as best I can, because I appreciate this vehicle, stuff like that, and we can continue with these type of statements confirming things that money has afforded us and is still making possible for us. It is through our gratitude that we can settle our emotions and feel a since of well being with gratefulness.  It is this attitude that opens the path, the flow, of more trickling in that must be welcomed with more gratitude. We must always, always look for the bright side because it is there, so look for it and decide to focus on it.

Don’t miss the shift of wealth!

I believe that many millionaires have acquired their wealth through focus and application, they were appreciative of every stride that allowed for a next step to there goal, that developed in to wealth, unless they were born into it.

I also believe that people of faith and moral consciousness will be the millionaires of the future. There is going to be a shift of wealth where the millionaire will be the person of faith, faith that allows the wealth and abundance to flow to them. It will be a flow of goodness with material gain that will come to the faithful who have believed to expect good things because of their moral compass and intent to bless in a way that supports the stability of others.

I believe that money will no longer separate people because the faithful will be in control of the flow of money and will move it not just for capitalism and self promotion but for the difference it will make in the earth creating centeredness and stability in others.

People of faith should prepare themselves to manage wealth and be good decision makers with money.  Direct the Benjamins to be all about your growth and increase as well as for your family & community, making it all about what you can do to make the world a better place of blessing, where we can all live rejoicing.

Lets be practical

We have to prepare ourselves by knowing what we’re spending and how we’re spending. To manage huge sums of money we have to be in charge of money. Money cannot rule over us, so by keeping some basics in order we put ourselves in charge over money. Money should serve us  and not have us at it’s mercy and seduction. To become the faithful millionaire let us set our intention and take some action steps.

Here are some abc’s of small steps to take:

  • Be a giver; giving confirms our trust & dependence on God , as well as our compassion for others, and our contribution to the economy.
  • Set goals: set a yearly goal for saving, for giving, and for retirement 
  • Have a life insurance policy
  • Pamper yourself with something special at least 3 times a year
  • Be a planner; plan for your vacations, holidays, school shopping, you can go as far as having a special savings account that you deposit into  on a regular basis just to cover these types of things.
  • Auto set savings to transfer from your checking accounts.
  • Know your major monthly expenses; be sure your expenses meet your income or at least know the difference. For instance if your expenses are $1000 and your income is $950, then you know that $50 is all you have after expenses, so hopefully food & gas was included in the monthly expenses, if not, you know you have to eliminate a bill or find away to make some extra cash. 

Let’s be wise and rich!

Lisa Reid




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