New Paradigms  

Wilt thou be made whole? Will you choose life, meaning living it at its fullest, through your thoughts , words, and actions? Will you examine your thoughts to see and know where they come from, who they belong to and how they serve you in living your fullest life today .

You see we must pull down strong holds, which are thoughts & habits formed out of beliefs . We must bring thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. The  strange thing about this is that it will cause us to act in ways that we are uncomfortable with, it moves us out of a comfort zone, that we don’t feel is right for us or we’re ready for.

Pulling down strong holds may mean we are lead to incounter our judgments, and we should always start with ourselves to be made whole, as the question was asked. What do we judge about ourselves to be good or bad, and where did that come from. If we judge something good of ourselves, how did we determine that, who told you that was good about you, was it the abusive boyfriend, a frightful and manipulating parent, or did God say it was good? We must agree with God to be whole! And it’s the same line of questions for the bad.

What if our level of confidence is a strong hold, how do we decide what is confidence in ourselves ,  is it knowing we do a particular thing well? Confidence to make better choices, to trust in our process in growing. The confidence  that God has use of us and we are valuable to the arena we are in. How about not hiding our attitudes and temperaments to please others, so we don’t feel rejected but rather being who we are just as we are. It is my belief that this kind of pulling down strong holds opens unexpected doors, unimaginable avenues, if we can allow ourselves to get past the feelings the strong holds have us conditioned to feel.

What if we begin to condition ourselves to examine our thoughts and consider their origin before flowing in them? What if we destroy the mindsets that have kept us incomplete ,  full of self doubt, and resisting the flow of better things.

What am I saying ?  Honor yourself, care about yourself more than just to feed & cloth yourself ,  but care about how you feel and how a person or event makes you feel, care about why those feelings are showing up. Then ask how does this get better for me. I’m suggesting letting go of resisting new thoughts, having new experiences and observing what happens.  Become aware of the unfolding in each moment.

Being whole means paying attention to our choices as we make them and to examine why that was or was not the best choice. How does the choice resignate with your being whole or not?

Disclaimer, this is some life altering activity and it will make your life unrecognizable to you and most of all lead to wellness to eventually see a full and unapologetic life.

Peace and Love


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