What should we want? 

It is often said and is true, you have to know what you want in order to have it. There is a saying,”how you gonna have a dream come true, if you don’t have a dream “, I’m probably messing that up but you can get the point.  And while I believe that knowing what you want is a good thing,  like a home, a car, good career, etc… Those things come naturally and to the degree or at whatever  level that you see yourself having them. Whether it’s a big home or small or luxury model car or not, the income earnings bracket. These levels are determined by our ability to plan, executive a plan and what we believe about ourselves. So no matter the level, we will likely have these things.  I believe because God is a provider especially in the United States of America.  

What I have come to realize,  more in depth is to want spiritual blessings is what we should really want. Spiritual blessings being love (for self, for others & certainly God), hope, faith, wisdom, joy , peace….. of such there is no law. What rules, do or don’t do, do you need when you have spiritual blessings?  What messes do you need deliverance from, what regrets, and what punishment is needed, when you posses spiritual blessings? There’d be no back bitting, confusion would only lead to clarity, because of your wisdom,  if you make a mistake wisdom shows you the way to correct it . If you’re wronged love moves you past it, and the joy you have would draw people to you like a magnet, but wisdom would only allow you to make relationships with the right people. And peace keeps you worry free, unburdened, and light hearted. 

God blessed Solomon because he asked God for wisdom and not riches and Solomon became very rich. The wisdom Solomon displayed when he knew how to save the child, call true love forth, and openly expose a lie. What we would spare ourselves with this kind of wisdom. 

It is my suggestion to seek spiritual blessings and see what happens. Develop the fruits of the spirit to the point we no longer idolize our own opinions, thoughts and feelings. But be open to change what you think you know, put them on the altar and see if they burn up before God.  Let’s agree with God as we put our feelings,  thoughts, and opinions on the altar before God.  Know that we are all the better and we are growing with new results to come.

Seek the kingdom, and all these things (home, career, car, food) will be added unto you. Give know thought to what you’ll eat, drink, shelter, for your heavenly Father knows you have need of these things. 

Peace and Love,

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