Embrace your indicators!

Not having what you want right now and not seeing your desires fulfilled can drive a person crazy at times. It can leave you bewilder and confused.

At each level of growth and evolvment the obstacles, the delays, and momentary denials are just indicators that we are not quite ready for the new phase of our lives. Not quite ready for our new station in life.There is a path that leads to your success and you must get on the path. 

Somewhere inside ourselves we are needing to get clearer and more specific. We may need to let go of habits and patterns of thought, maybe it’s time to release sabotaging beliefs that are keeping us from taking the actions needed.

These indicators that are to be embraced! The same way the gas gage in your car is an indicator that gas is needed. You can appreciate this type of indicator that keeps us moving along on our course or take us to a desired destination. It’s considered a good thing when we look up and see the dark sky and turn to go back into the house for the umbrella, although it may rain we are prepared.

Often the indicators we get tell us we’re running on empty, that we’re  not practicing habits that lead to success, and are still attracting people that don’t have our best interest at heart. It’s these indicators that often cause us to think that we’re doomed to never see change,  that we are not deserving, or its not in the cards for us to see our desires successfully fulfilled. But, this thinking is not true, what is true is that there is something we need to disconnect from, cleanse from by the renewing of our minds, and something to stop immediately if we can. However it’s a time to locate ourselves on a deeper level to be the true creators we really are. When we see these indicators, we can be thankful for the awareness we now have, grateful that light has come to us, and we can rejoice in getting to the bottom of our issues with fervent prayer, fasting to clarity on our intentions, and surender with purpose. We can stand in the truth that we are supposed to be blessed and see our desires. 

Embracing the indicators, says we believe in our success. As we embrace the indicators that help us keep moving forward with the right perspective we are destined to meet success. See the indicators in your life with a renewed attitude, applying this elevated understanding of what life is unfolding to you as revelation of hidden behavior and emotions. 

Romans 12:2

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