Rolling the stone away

Hey Yall,

We must remind ourselves the stone has been rolled away in our lives and we walk out alive and awakened. If you follow what I’m saying, when Jesus raised Lazarus, he called him, likes he’s called us! And we’ve answered the call, how awesome.  Like Lazarus, we were rescued from the grave, that life of death separated from God and the knowledge of Him and what He can do for our lives.

So, life as come to us AND the stone has been rolled away. Once he quickened us to life then he called us out of our caves, rolled the stone away so we could come and walk in the light of day. Can you see this in the story and in our lives?

When the stone is rolled away the light comes so strong that we have to adjust ourselves to it. This light in us is new, and it’s makes us unrecognizable to ourselves and others. We have to adjust to this light and get comfortable with it. I see the light in my minds eye has coming directly in front and illuminating me, penetrating straight through me and all the darkness being pushed out from the back of me. We have to define darkness individually,  but it includes whatever lies your were told about yourself, the worth you gave yourself and the limits you had to see to create a satisfying life. Now, we are awakened AND the stone has been rolled away. Remember this, tell yourself every time you need to. I’m awakened and the stone has been rolled away. It is in remembering and confessing who we are and what has happened to us when we chose to believe in something greater than ourselves.

Love yourself today, by embracing all that’s good in your life, seeing the good in you and in others, forgiving yourself and others,  be kind to yourself and others and finally tell God what you desire to see in place of what you now see that does not feel good to you, breathe in deep, let out a sigh of trust and go about your day.

And I’m out, peace!

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