I am Obama 

​Let’s all connect with the Obama in us. In this United States of America the name Obama as well as all over the world, is associated with advancement,  grace, style, intelligence and progress. Whereever you are, in a classroom, or boardroom, you can connect with the Obama in you. The people and the name calls our attention,  if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice the dignity and grace, dedication and commitment we are capable of and can develop. 

We can all express ourselves better, believe for more and stand in the light of being deserving of respect from the world around us.
Obama signifys transcending from nothing,from obscurity to introducing ourselves to the world by reaching out and connecting. It signify progressive attitudes, greater expectations of more intelligence from ourselves and grace to others. We should see more of our ability to compete and know we belong on the playing field.
We can now look for better and stronger relationships built on team work, love and respect. We can participate in giving and receiving with purpose and intention.
If we are really paying attention the name Obama is an awareness of progress and higher standard for us all. Please pay attention and be intentional.

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