The advancing women must come out

It’s amazing how much we hide, from our self and from others especially. I had to come to terms with this in my life.  We are hard wired to be what others need us to be so much so that we deny ourselves pleasure and mentally say no to what we what. We say in our heads, I can’t do that and we know why because so and so would die, because he would have a fit, because that would be a big fight, and on and on. So the so and so, he, or she becomes the strings that dictate our movement.
The puppet strings are latched.
It’s hard when you know your actions will bring hurt, conflict, or dractic reactions, but to steal the phrase, “come out the closet”, and live an authentic life. The life that feels good to you and allow others to find someone else, another way, or change to accommodate you,whatever works for them.
Not all women live in hiding and those that don’t advance. It is my gestimate, that they may have 1 child if they’re a mother at all, have never been married is divorced,  or is married to her one and only love, and finally is earning an income over 60K.
How is this, because these women, nicely have not had to accommodate a list of others before getting to herself .
In the lack of advancing, we hide from ourselves not wanting to admit our weakness, defending our poor decisions, making excuses and my favorite, beating ourselves up for every mishap.
It’s time to advance with a long jump and high determination, even if it’s a few feet or to the next level.

How do we do this? Let me propose that we take these steps:
Get in a quite place, listen to our breathing for a few seconds taking long breaths at first then slow steady breaths
Write down what you’d really like to be doing right now in your life and the things that would be nice if, once you’re finish the list.
Write down why you are not having the experience you’d like.
Your whys should be all about you ; what you did not do, or say, or make clear, or say no to and those reasons.
Trust me you will move! There are things that will make the list that will come to an end today, new determinations will come out, much needed actions, and new understandings will be formed. Oh you will advance, for some baby steps, for others major changes.
My suggestion is to connect with your good intentions for your self and be motivated to see the good outcome you desire. Stay focused on the outcome of your desire, it being some good. Please celebrate your steps made. Find some small reward that says to you, you’ve done good.
Why take the time to do this exercise because there is something more for you and you have not seen the other you without the weights, without the load of crap we tell ourselves. There is another you, other adventures, more to experience and you deserve to see it, be l and do it.

It’s time to advance! .

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  1. Great post! I totally agree as women if we just stop and listen then get all the junk out of our way we can excel in so many things because that’s how we were designed. We wouldn’t be afraid to come out an be greatness. Very motivating and thought provoking post. Keep up the good work!!!


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