Say yes or say no

Yes or no, that is the question. What are you saying yes to and what are you saying no to these days? It is inevitable that you are deciding on certain things and declining on certain things as well.
Humor me, are yesssssss due to obligation and people pleasing and is your  no due to playing small and indecisiveness?
Would a yes to joining or committing mean that you will eventually have say no to people and things and guilt you would feel keeps you from giving yourself that resounding yes, I’m gonna do it. I know for me guilt stopped me many times. My brilliant mind would say what about them, him, her, my duties,  and it would have to be no thus time, again.
I am not suggesting we negate responsibility, but sometimes the responsibilities need to be examined and reconsidered. What am I saying? 
That the rewards of saying yes to you and saying no to things we’ve been saying yes to, may bring higher possibilities to how we serve, saying yes and then no, may thrust us into the bigger picture rather keeping us constricted to the small circle of menial task. The yes and then a no, may allow others to grow in ways that enlarge them.
What are you saying yes to that only serve the needs of a select few, needs that establish comfort and complacency, needs in others due to fears and stagnation, are you keeping someone else’s life convenient by giving them the yes while saying no to allowing your light to shine and illuminate to a broader sphere?
Can you think of things you can say yes to today that will certainly upgrade you?
Many times we have by going to school or starting a business or taking that need trip, and we out everyone on alert, I can’t be available. Let these events encourage a momentum that allows us to keep moving in our services and contribution to becoming even more within, having a greater influence and shine, in living out some dreams and desires.
What am I saying? Say no to playing small, so others can feel comfortable,  say no to the mini me (that person inside  you that feels small) that limits you from believing for bigger & better possibilities, say no to the guilt trips, (refuse to pack and take the trip your mind or others will take you on).
These are success sabatages that keep use running the same routes and making the same plays.
We gotta keep changing the game!
Peace and love

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