Fight a good fight

Life can be a battle at times and it will seem like it’s beating us up too.
When you’re in a battle with circumstances of life, you must know how to fight or “you gone learn today”. You better fight back, was what your mother, father, or older sibling would tell you if someone was bulling you.
Good fighters know strategic moves and good fighters are considered to have skill and are ready to defend themselves when attacked. In a physical fight you can win if you know how to fight, it’s the same with life. What is it to be a good fighter?  Well, you’d know the way to throw a good punch and generally a good fighter throws a punch to put the attacker on his ass. Unlike a not so good fighter,  who wants to keep the attacker off them. Good fighters land with impact, they bob & weaver, use their physical strength to wrestle. There is some strategy to being a good fighter. Good fighters can take a punch too, they will take a lick and keep on ticking (dating myself). Good fighters use instinct.
What kind of fighter are you,  is the question because good or not you will be in a fight and will have to apply whatever kind of skill you have. Some of us think we’re good fighters but are really scared, selling wolf tickets with lots of bark but no bite. We will even run before even trying at times if you’re not a good fighter.
Can you,  do you, defend yourself when your self worth is attacked,  when your confidence needs defending, or when you value is slapped to the side by someone? Do you show your attacker your winning skills and awesome ability to lay them out and cause them to recognize who they are messing with? Do you scream, cry and then run? Are you screaming you’ll be sorry you messed with me although your plan of recourse is to just talk badly behind the back of your attacker?
Fighters are prepared on attack and instinctively respond defensively and offensively.
Good fighters keep their skills up, make sure they are sharp and quick.
When life comes with a battle or is beating you up, be prepared to fight for yourself,  your dreams, your family and fight to win, landing the assailant on his ass.
Fight a good fight with tenacity, with skill & strategy for your self worth, and self respect and always fight for what you deserve.
Have confidence in your ability to win. Let the attacker know you don’t what none of this!

Kick butt,

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