Define Meaning in the Moments

In a moment when I was searching for wellbeing, I began to think on finding the moments of feelings of happiness, joy, love, pleasure.  When did I feel these feelings? Where was I,  and who was I with? Who do I share happy times with? Why does this person, thing make me feel happy. I then went on to ponder on the other feelings and ask the same questions.
This process helped me to define the experiences I want to have and how to recreate them. Then to define who I’d like to draw closer to. I began to make plans to add more of the moments and the feelings that I desire to have.
It was an awesome discovery and an ah ha moment that has rearranged my daily activities and my long term goals.
I would encourage everyone to do this.
The trick is to look at your whys attached to the people and things. See your whats real and whats superficial and whether your feelings are more defined in whats real or whats superficial.
Find your defining moments!

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