Final hours

Coming to the end of this Journey, has not been a walk through the park. But I thank God, I know him. The enemy had many fiery darts. My son in NJ got sick with a throat infection, because I work on commission, I have not met my income goal per pay period. I found myself in a personal mess of who said, she said. It was so negative, emotionally draining and feelings were very hurt. It was all just a fiery dart of the enemy.

I decided to thank God anyhow! Now that the smokes cleared with all of this, I can see it was just an attack to take me off focus.

I am coming close to getting back to being centered. I will carry my cross and endure hardships as a good soldier and I wont complain because it will all be okay and God has been GOOD.

I will rest securely in His love and I will love and forgive myself.



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