The Word Made Flesh

This process, the Journey, is a life change to commit to. I see that as time passes you need to continue this path and it will open a path before you. The Journey, has allowed me to see that I can be a conduit to change. The Journey is a tool that equips you to expand by realizing some principles just has Luxor did. The principles need to be established and grounded and then become convictions to live by. The Journey as me contemplating on how I can live larger and live boldly by convictions with confidence that what I’m passionate about is a worthy cause and needs to be promoted.

It is certainly my desire to see expansion in my life and be a light. I believe it’s one thing to know something and it’s another thing to have done it and experienced it. It’s like driving, you can read the book until you know it inside and out but it’s another thing to drive the car with confidence in traffic. The same as having a baby, someone can tell you all to expect but you’ll never know how it is until you deliver a baby.

So, I think God wants us to of course know His word but He also want His people to personify his word. He wants us to become the word made flesh. This is what I’m working on personifying His word in my life.

Today was a good day. I decided to be grateful for the highs and the lows because it’s all working to make the word flesh in me.


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