Yesterday, there were a few people coming to me with there issues of anger and hurt. It was so surprising how it was happening repetitively. I was glad that they came to me, because I felt they were looking for that “hold on”, “you can do it” message. I could feel they wanted the encouragement and a positive response.

Motivational Speaking
Motivational Speaking (Photo credit: tymesynk)

It was an opportunity to just listen, so they could get it out. And it was a chance to give them that pep talk, of life ain’t easy, but we get through it and on to better days.

It was good to give people a lift and help them find that second breath. To see them exit with new strength, was easy because sometimes people resist and can drain you with the “it’s never gonna change” stuff.

But, God gave me something that I was able to share so they could be mindful of their selves and see better outcomes. It’s that, “Negativity begets Negativity” nothing positive comes out of your negative talk, attitude, or actions.

So I’m looking and those that I talk to can look to getting positive outcomes through our positivity.

Life is a journey with pitfalls and mountain tops, the key is to live each moment to the fullest. I am positive this is what God is putting in my spirit.

I’m intending to be more adventurous and edgy. I don’t have to play it so safe, I can live on the edge because, I’m safe and secure in His Pavilion. This is my self-fulfilling prophecy.

Taking  it by storm,


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