This morning I almost left my phone at home and as I turned around I began to think of all the issues I could have if I was without my phone all day. All the problems and obstacles I would have to get pass and threw, I know I would have gotten through the day but what needed communications would I miss, what delays may be caused, what worry it would bring to myself and others that would not be able to reach me, and the irritated mood I could likely be in. This got me to thinking about how it is when the day is not started by being plugged into God.
I realized that when I meditate and pray, I’m plugging in, just like when a battery is charged or when something is plugged in to be turned on. I must be plugged in and turned on by the Spirit of God in order to function at my highest, without it my day will not go well.

This is the joy of this Journey, it has opened my mind, consciousness, and spirit to keep me walking in the light. I see how we, I am a part of a bigger scheme of life and what is purposed for my life in the lives of others. Purpose is to be a light, that assists others in finding the light.

This morning I prayed for my son, and I believed God was allowing me to take some of his hurt and wounds on me, like I was in proxy for him, as if God was relieving him of deep hurts that are burdensome on him, freeing him of feelings he is not even aware of. The sadness I felt was not my own and I could feel that and I was glad to be used in this manner. I was glad I was attuned and available. I knew what to do with the burdens, I used my energy to absorb it and release it. It may sound strange but I’m so sure that this is what was happening and I’m so glad about it.

I’m excited about whats to come and the light that will shine in me. I am expecting new and awesome experiences?



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