Yesterday, there were highs and lows. My heart was heavy at times. I felt the burdens of the wounds and misfortune of both my incarcerated brothers and my son. I cried out to God in sobs! I wanted understanding and mercy and deliverance for them and relief for myself. My sence of joy was daunted, however I felt God required I proclaim joy in my heart because he came that I might have joy. I know He understands. Jesus is acquainted with my infirmities. My heart was saddened by witnessing some messiness between family members, who are also believers.The humility required, of bearing with one another’s weakness, was not there and I recognized my judgement and my disdain. The tensity of the day ending in crying, anger, and a sleeping pill.                                                                                                                                I proclaim this day as I do every day, THIS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE AND I SHALL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.                                                                                            Lisa

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