My Weakness

Through reflection, it is clear, lack of confidence is a weakness of mine that has held me back from living my life to the fullest. Although I have other areas of weakness, I believe if I overcame this it would make a huge difference in my life. I’ve subconsciously felt I am not enough. Not smart enough, not good enough, and that I should be better to have my dreams realized. I secretly compared myself to others, looking at what they had obtained, overcome, or accomplished. Inside myself I was some kind of loser in comparison because I had not obtained, overcame, or accomplished as much. I would resolve in my mind that I have not been good enough, smart enough, disciplined enough, & so on. I would pray that God would help me better myself with inspiration, motivation, and more grace to move ahead.
Then, I would really feel less confident. Why do I lack the resolve, will power, discipline, knowledge, whatever? Better credit, going back to school, and having a more rewarding career were things that validated my belief that I just didn’t have enough in me to meet the mark, whatever the mark was. The mark eluded me, and we know why, and the not enough cycles again. Most of all my lack of confidence was between me being in my place of abundance.
Lisa, where is your belief in yourself and confidence in your God?

This Journey is another chance to overcome this lack of confidence. And I believe, God is up to something good in my life. He is drawing me up higher, taking me into. Into a place where my anointing, abilities, and gifts that are within my unique DNA can shine.
I am determined to give myself permission to shine!

With the right confidence;
I would not compare myself to others
I would expect better outcomes
I would expect favor
I would be less conscious of the obstacles
I would be obedient
I would allow myself to shine to the glory of God.

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