strength in the hard places

Today was an extremely difficult day. I had to admit my son in a pychiatrics ward. He was completely resistant. However I had no other choice. This day started with a heavyness I could not shake. I was feeling overwhelmed with demand. I could not see any room in my mind to consider myself at all. I felt the pull of my job & the clients I serve. I felt the urgency to help my son. As the day got off, I noticed the agitation in him. I began to cry out to God from dispare.

I did not know what the day would bring, but God had the plan laid out. Things just began to happen in synchrenicity and the steps presented themselves like a stones to step in a trail to step on.

Now I realize that I came on this trip to do what had to be done. I have to admit my heart is saddened at my brillant & talented son in s state of mental colaspe.

To rate this day: it was miracleous, a 10; It was sad, a 1. It was demanding, a 1. It was overwhelming, a 1. It was purposeful, at 10.

Tomorrows a new  day of grace & the journey goes on!


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