Talkin bout, Speakin to, Sayin what?

Are you a commoner or are you a success? We often hear that there are habits of the successful, which I believe is true. One habit as it pertains to this post, is that the successful have a specific language, they talk in a certain way and their conversations are progressive.

Everyone is speaking, even the quite silent type. We all have so much to say, but is it worth saying?

We talk about others to others, we talk  about ourselves to ourselves, and  most often we talk too much about nothing. Maybe because we are not yet conscious of the power of speech.

Words are directives, words are self fulfilling, and certainly words are creative. So, what have we created?

Are we using words by design or by default? Humor me for a moment, if you have what you say, do like the words coming out of your mouth? Look at the world you’ve created, isn’t it a lovely design of beauty and magnificence?

Some can say yes and some may say hold on; I tried to do it or some may say, I couldn’t do that, and some, he/she did this, to me. What did your words have to do with any of these outcome?

I’d like to think that if we were definitely sure and understood the power of our words, we would intentionally talk all the time. If we believed in the actual creative development of words, why would anyone shut up? Endless and ceaseless yacking of dreams, outcomes, and divine hooks ups should be obsessive.

So, let me ask the question again, what are you talkin about your life, what are you speakin about your situations, and what are you sayin about yourself and others?

Words are so very powerful, giving life or defeat. You are either woke or sleeping and that can be known by what you talk about. Your words give YOU away, when listened to carefully, in the same way your words give your LIFE away by how you speak.

  • Affirmations are neccessary for success.
  • Declarations are a pathway to success.
  • Clarity of speech, (saying what you mean and meaning what you say), is a road map to success.

If, I said, if words are sure to manifest make sure they manifest what you want. How long do you think you have, to say you are fat, you are sick of, sick & tired, or that you are stupid before it’s true, 15 maybe 20 years?

Here’s a challenge for you, make a affirmation or declaration about you and your future and post it.

Be great!

Lisa Reid

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