What’s the plan

The days of pensions are gone, social security is at $17,000 a year, and a 401k calls for managing your funds to secure and protect what you can be certain to have later. All this is to be considered today if you wish to live a normal life above the poverty level.

Let me make some of these ideas easier for you; Life Insurance, it can make all the planning simple.

Most often we have decided that something is not affordable to us in terms of spending. How about deciding whats unacceptable to your life and future.  Its unacceptable to live without a plan to secure and protect your future.

I’d be like to encourage you to be willing to pay the price for love.

  • Love yourself enough to secure your future with retirement planning. Love your family enough to protect them and your assets. Love knowing you have ensured all is well with you.

If you are reading this and saying , I should do this. Contact me and allow me to assist in an detailed plan for you.

Lisa Reid,

404 399 1158





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