I know what I believe

I realize that I believe in things I  can’t see. I believe in gravity, I believe the earth travels around the sun although I’ve never felt or saw the earth move, and I believe in gospels of Jesus.

This is faith in what I’ve been told.

I have also believed in things that I’ve been told that don’t actually make my life great.

It is now time to believe in things that serve me to a fuller and better life.

I’m now choosing to believe that life is simple, that things I desire are seeking me and show up in effortlessly with surprise and wonder. That my good is never compromised and it follows me.

I am standing in my new beliefs because I can choose to believe in things I cannot explain but I know to be true in my heart.

So I choose to think on things that are good, virtuous, of a good report and they will become true for me.

What are you believing and how does it serve you.


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