Trusting Him

Yesterday I decided to put my trust in Him! My son is resisting.  Yesterday, fear got me a little and sadness. But I talked to God and I said God, no matter what it looks like, You are my GOD and you Love me and You would never abandon me it a time such as this. Just like Daniel in the Lions den and the 3 Hebrew boys, You are right in this with me.

I wont doubt the goodness and faithfulness of my God! He is my ever-present help. And I use this blog as part of the testimony that I will give in the end of it all and to prove God is always good, at work in our lives, and He gives us the victory, always causing us to triumph.

This is the time to boast on the Lord!

I see my son giving his testimony in front of a congregation with a smile and full of joy!

Right now, I have to work with the hospital devise with family a plan to have him picked up & taken back to psychiatric.


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