Yesterday, I recognized this wanting within me. As I read the book and take in the information about paying attention to my thoughts and feelings, I recognized there was a wanting in me. I was wanting more! More out of life and more out of myself. I was wanting to see progress in myself and in the things I’ve hoped for. Where was this increase, the more and more that God promises. I felt my spirit urging God, saying come on God, what am I missing, what should I be doing, or saying in order to be having?

God showed me something too! As your soul prospers, so will you prosper. God was saying to me through a circumstance at my church, step, daughter, be more, have a standard & go ahead and express it. Call others to the standard I put in you, by doing so you make the world around you a better place.

I had felt left out and it bothered me. And I know I had decided to be okay, having confidence in myself. However it bothered me and I talked to God. I said God I feel some kinda way. What do I do with this. So, I called the person and God led me in what to say, and let me say, He has a sweet way of doing things. I had nothing to feel bad about, but this circumstance did show my light and I was given a charge, which is a bit of a challenge, but I saw God in this.

What am I saying? Well in my wanting feelings, I understood that to have more you have to be more. To be more you have to “move” and move past the obstacles in feelings and thought. Show God your willing to move and He will lead you.

So, what are the next steps to take to turn my wanting into a realization of my hopes deferred? It is my aim to be more attentive to instruction to move like I need to.

It’s so emotional to me because, you can hope & hope, yet still think, no to yourself. No, your just hoping, No it’s not your time, No try something else, No God has not opened the door to that yet and No, something better will show up. There are times when all of this is true the answer is NO.  But, what I know is that I need to be moving towards what I’m hoping for all the time and God will do the increase!

Glory to The One and Only Hope I know,


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