Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded

Being vulnerable can help us work through our emotions rather than pushing them away. It fosters good emotional and mental health vulnerability can also be a good sign of courage and strength. We become more brave and resilient when we embrace our true selves and what we are really feeling.

Vulnerability gives us an opportunity to give our Higher Self a chance to detach from the old self and get a momentum going towards the new. We must give it our all and once we do we will start devaluing some of the things our ego/old self led us to believe was true and would not allow us to believe nothing different.



The Higher Self has no ego

The Higher Self defies comfort zones

The Higher Self is faithful and is led by intuition

The Higher Self slows you down and through the Higher Self being alone never means loneliness.

The Higher Self builds you up and makes everything clear so that we can get positive results.

Through the Higher Self we can welcome different without judging it with our limited beliefs and be open to new experiences.

The Higher Self helps us disconnect worthy feelings with accomplishments and in return we can enjoy the process of detaching.

Through the Higher Self we can have life and have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

Terrance Reid


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