I’ve realized that purpose is a huge subject, it’s trending on social media, and there are millions of coaches, gurus and ministers offering guidance on finding our purpose.

I’d like to throw in a few ideas on the subject for a good jump off.

I submit to you today that you BE!

Be what opens a path to purpose for everyone on the planet. And while I believe purpose changes during our life journey, what we all can BE at every moment, never changes.

Where God is concerned; BE:



In Faith

In Love

Where others are concerned; BE:







A good listener


Where life is concerned; BE:








While these are all things that will lead to clarifying your purpose to you, you must dig deep in your heart to listen for what would absolutely confirm your worth on the planet at the current moment. How does your love need to be demonstrated the most at the current time in your life?

Is it needed for you, your children, or those that you influence currently? These needs can have a stronger demand at different periods.

Please believe, that the order does not change; it’s God, relationship, then influence.

There are many influencers out there giving good advise in many areas, however know what you value people. While money is good and can be a motivator, so also is faith! Faith gets you to the money, the money, and what money can and cannot buy.

BE good to others, BE a person of integrity, BE authentically loving to yourself.

Finally and most importantly, do not get it twisted, nothing ends well without love & honor for the creator, God Almighty.

BE Blessed

Lisa Reid

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