It’s time Y’all

It’s time to step into and step up to. I believe NOW more than ever before is the time to pursue dreams, determine direction, and set goals. Make baby steps or huge leaps into a dream with the confidence that success is meant to be.

It’s time to shake off, drop and release limits and doubt. We can all seek and align to therapeutic paths and energies to get over the dogma of our past. Choose what you like, will it be the gym, the church, books, or just getting counseling. Do what you gotta do and do it for your success.

So, the question becomes what do you want? Is it love, joy, wealth, health, full in the blank, THEN go after it.

What does it look like in your minds eye, see it everyday and get hungry, get obsessed. Feed the fuel yall!

It’s time to let go; You gotta let go of what; the past and its hurts and wounds because the energy of it is holding you back.

Let go of what; the doubtful and negative thoughts that are causing delays and stagnation in your life. Every time you plan to make a move, mr. doubt & ms negativity starts talking. Let them go.

And this is my last one. Let go of what; knowing it all and having to be right.  Drop the mic!!!

You don’t know everything about everything and what you do know needs more. You should hope to be wrong sometimes rather than wanting to be right. Some of y’all are fulfilling self prophecy, being right and the prophecy aint serving you. Give yourself the chance to learn. Be teachable. Hey, if what you already know got you in a space you don’t like, then it’s time to learn something new.

It’s time AND it’s your time, yeah you, to be blessed.



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