Receive what you believe in 2018!

Let us start the New Year off with recieving what we believe is ours according to what God promises. We are all open to receiving in ways that are acceptable to us; for instance if its money, food, a car, or a job earning more. These are things that first come to mind to be received. However, receiving goes much further and we need to be open to all receiving is and how it works in our lives. We are at times resistant to receiving, due to a lack of awareness, we miss it when it’s not material or instantaneous. Receiving is to accept or take something that comes to you which can be material or spiritual. If it’s for your good you accept or take it with thanks giving, if it’s not good you simply give a firm no thank you.

Receiving is progression, it moves us from one place to another. You can say, it is the vehicle of transporting, of transformation, and of change to a new life filled with new experiences.

We experience life in accordance to all and what we have received. What you have received means what you have been taught and believed is true and accurate. It is believing in what the influence of authority figures and noticeable elites have impressed upon us.

Receiving is a path. It makes way to the next thing in our lives whether for better or not. We all have had friends or relatives whom we’ve learned good things and bad things, people who we owe recognition to, for an introduction to a path of blessing or destruction.

To receive understanding, revelation, insight, and enlightenment, is to receive the opportunity to make a new choice that can bring the benefit of a better life. To receive is to be inspired. To receive is to be challenged. When we receive, we then conceid to move forward; It is our decision to rid ourselves of information recieved in the past that blocks better outcomes.

We must insist on getting clarity of every desire and dream, making it crystal clear in our heart and mind; Have determination to have a more desirable experience in every single area of  life in order to gain something more, leading to better outcomes. This is where the power of receiving leads to joy.

If better outcomes is what we dream of ; We will have a flickering light go on, whereby light comes in, (those aha moments) revealing something new and if we conceid to the truth of the light, which is to recieve it, then, like as a metamorphesis we act differently, ready to make new decisions with a new attitude and determination. Although there is still some darkness regarding other life subjects, until the next array of light comes in, then another metamorphesis. The flickering of light flickers and flickers throughout the course of life disspelling darkness unto a beautiful species evolves. The caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

In the same way we can evolve by receiving light, we can come to destruction by what we recieve also. Receiving can at times mean coming to the truth about ourselves and accepting the blocks and barriers we’ve held on to, even letting go of friends that should no longer hold that title. Receiving these nuggets can cause anger and regret, you may even have a bit of a pity party. But be assured the truth will not leave you and it will set you free to a new direction. So walk in all you’ve received. This is the power in receiving.

The question is how do we live open and ready for continual receiving, allowing light to disspell the darkness, (the darkness, what I call the matrix), and walk as change agents carrying the light to help others.

We must remain in the receptive mode, fact checking for insight that will bring evolvement, thereby making us new creatures.

Let us make it a practice to be open to inspiration. Let us seek to be inspired by what we hear and see in one another.

As believers we know that receiving the gift of salvation gave us the promise to live with God now and forever, the gift (salvation) received was the end of a life doomed and destined for an eternal death. Receiving is chance.

Everything must be received! As a believer, we receive salvation, health, healing, wealth, love, and right relationships when we receive by confession Jesus Christ.  Believers have been given by God access to greater life, taken through believing. Receiving is the only way to have any of the above. First believe then receive. Believers have determined to believe in Jesus and to receive what Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection has granted us; which is power and authority in His name. We take action to make change happen by praying and asking “in the name of Jesus”. This is again the power and joy in recieving.

What will you be receiving in 2018? Why don’t you make a list and email it to someone 💌. You can review it this time next year.

As always, with love

Lisa Reid

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