Choice sets the path

Choosing to……
We have the power to choose, we are never stuck, stuck is a form of mind. These are ideas many of us have heard many times and have deliberated over the meaning of them in our lives and just how should we absorb them to bring about the changes we like to see or challenges to overcome.
Making a definitive choice  does set a path and take us on a course to experience our choice. However we must dissolve and destroy the blocks that intercept our choice. Often we decide to have a happy day and our too familiar mind says that’s new, I don’t think we’ll be doing that new thing and it sets out to establish the norm. We then feel disempowered and convinced that change can’t come to us.
These are the thoughts that must be overcome and distroyed with determination and persistence.
The transformation begins and happens with our resolve to be, and to have what we say, our belief in faith to get us through to the other side.
Choose today with me! I choose love, success,  abundance and joy. I’m telling my mind this is my choice and we are collaborating so that I experience theses very things throughout my life, I breathe deeply and smile at the idea of having and being what I’ve declared.

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