I repent

I am repenting, turning from ways that have not served me or the universe.  I am turning from old ways and releasing unspoken vows. I am repenting and making new vows. I choose to open the vault and let go of; being in my head instead of in my heart so much. I’ve decided to have heart, and it takes heart to go for it, to go with self expression that honors your truth, then I’m setting  my goal to be present rather than constraining myself to appear perfect and well put together.  It’s  authenticity, that gets the worm (feeding off the early bird gets the worm).
Ive had a change of heart and I am repenting by turning from my old way of doing things and trying a new way of thinking and being that requires letting go and releasing constraints, control, thinking rather than feeling, and showing up for the task whatever it is.
I repent from dwelling on what I can’t do, am not good at, who is better at something  than me. And I change to what can I do, how can I help, and finally what difference does it make in the scheme of things. Its time out for calculating every move, mine and someone else’s.  Recalibrate by making the heart felt move and live with the fear of loss if need be, although we never lose, even when it feels like it in the moment. And thats okay to be in your moment and know that good is coming our of it. While you cry your hurtful tears, you can smile when they dry because you did a new thing and you took heart.
I am taking heart today and hopefully I’m taking some folks with me on this challenging course and setting a new course.  Let me know if you’re game for any of it.

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