Get set for 2020

In this new year God is seeking an intimate relationship with you, me, us.

I strongly believe in this new decade it is our intimate relationship with God that will make our lives delightful as well as impactful in an all new way.

It is time to really look at what God has already done for us and to live in recognition and appreciation of what His plan for our lives is.

Ephesians 1 & 2 expresses God’s plan to choose us and call us, his plan to redeem us with forgivness by His grace, and His plan to give believers power. It was and is Gods decision to have a family, sons and daughters, sharing all of who he is and all of what he does, then for us to show His blessings upon us, inspite of us, for all to see. This is what really makes God amazing.

We are his very own that can brag on His unexplainable love and mercy along with His awesome power to have us become supernatural beings.

We are to defeat materialism and also live above lack, shortage and insufficiency.

We are to grow through all sin, set backs and/or set ups of the enemy.

We are to experience His love that is like no other kind of love and be enamored at the inexhaustible patience and enduring love God has for us.

We must know this all henges on who God is and none of who you, me, we are.

It is not because you have not cheated, stolen, killed, lied, or any goodness you can pin to yourself. It is all due to His established plan long before we were born. How awesome is this?

Just like you did not and could not do anything good enough for God to have chosen, called or set a plan for redemption, likewise you are not that bad either.

Accepting His love and setting your affections on Him is the only way to go. Just love God with all your heart. He will know, He already does. So, where does proving it with performance or judgement of other come into play? This is futile.

Desire His presence to help be like Him; loving, forgiving, patient and tolerant. This only comes by seeking after God alone.

Encourage yourself to let go of self righteousness and to release religion. God is not in either. There’s no boasting or self grandiose posture.

We must allow God to shape and mold us into his workmanship for good works, which is the work he determined to do by the redemption plan, which once again is forgiveness of sin, tolerance for one another and love for the sinner all leading to a circumcision of heart not of flesh. Crucifying fleshly deeds can still leave a need for the circumcision of the heart. Thirst after Gods heart to match that, instead of defending His Holiness.

God drew you, believe that, you did not just get up one day and want to be good. No, you were sick of something about yourself and God was right there to embrace you. He will draw others in the same way.

Could it be you are hard on others because you doubt your own purity. Well, being intimate with God takes care of that issue as well.

Love what God loves, which is people and hate what God hates which is the enemy.

It is by God’s grace extended, and our having faith in His redemption plan (the birth, life, death & resurrection of Jesus, his son) that we are God’s family.


Lisa Reid

Wholeness, Will thou be made whole?

This question comes from a scripture that asks do you, me, we want to be whole?

The question suggests that we should exam what we really want deep inside. We must consider what the change in our lives will be like. We must be willing to take the risk that the new landscape that wholeness will bring is where we’ll see happiness.

We must ask ourselves some questions if wholeness is wanted. What about the people who may not find us relatable, or, the critics that will remind us of what we once were? That is to say that whatever we once were is still who we really are.

So the question needs to be asked with a stiff neck, tilted head, and with a curious eye. Do you really want to be made whole?

Can you handle the obligation, the responsibility, the accountability, the decision making? Oh my God and the daily choices that support an onward, upward and forward movement, is surely to overwhelm one. Then there is the question of forgiveness, can we forgive others, forgive ourselves, and summon the courage needed to ask those affected for forgiveness?

Do you realize the old thinking and old ways must go? Can you imagine what life will look like, or have you been imagining a life that could not possibly be acceptable because the newly imagined life could not coexist with the rules and regulations you hold to your heart now?

Wholeness could very well mean not caring so much about others and more about self care. Wholeness could mean you are satisfied with leading a horse to the water and letting go, not staying and trying to make him drink.

Wholeness may look like your being at peace with yourself, the good and the not so good.

Wholeness is a determination of faith that God has got you AND is completing the good work He’s begun in you.

Wholeness, a new beginning to a very happy ending.

Peace and Love,




I’ve realized that purpose is a huge subject, it’s trending on social media, and there are millions of coaches, gurus and ministers offering guidance on finding our purpose.

I’d like to throw in a few ideas on the subject for a good jump off.

I submit to you today that you BE!

Be what opens a path to purpose for everyone on the planet. And while I believe purpose changes during our life journey, what we all can BE at every moment, never changes.

Where God is concerned; BE:



In Faith

In Love

Where others are concerned; BE:







A good listener


Where life is concerned; BE:








While these are all things that will lead to clarifying your purpose to you, you must dig deep in your heart to listen for what would absolutely confirm your worth on the planet at the current moment. How does your love need to be demonstrated the most at the current time in your life?

Is it needed for you, your children, or those that you influence currently? These needs can have a stronger demand at different periods.

Please believe, that the order does not change; it’s God, relationship, then influence.

There are many influencers out there giving good advise in many areas, however know what you value people. While money is good and can be a motivator, so also is faith! Faith gets you to the money, the money, and what money can and cannot buy.

BE good to others, BE a person of integrity, BE authentically loving to yourself.

Finally and most importantly, do not get it twisted, nothing ends well without love & honor for the creator, God Almighty.

BE Blessed

Lisa Reid

You are so damn disrespectful, but I let it go🤣

Let’s face it, we all have the tendency  to be disrespectful. And, hopefully we have the decency to apologize, huh? So, I think it’s SO, neccessary to define the lines of respect.

Okay, its disrespectful when you let someone borrow yo broke down hooptie. Howbout, going on a walk run with someone on their familiar trail and it turns out to be a uphill hike? SO, disrespectful. And lastly someone posting that disapproving photo of you on social media, right?

On a serious note, we all deal with some level of disrespect. So while this is an issue that can be conquered, please know disrespect breeds disrespect. And make no mistakes about it, if you practice consciously or unconsciously disrespect in your relationships there is disfunction. Whether the relationship is parent /child, spouses, friendships, family friends, or coworkers, bliss in the relationship begins, I said begins, with respect otherwise it can be a war zone.

So, let’s get into this with ground rules of engagement.

FIRSTLY, each idividuals’ thought, feeling, opinion, and intellect must be considered and involved.

So, please allow the engagement of the other person, for anything else is narcissistic, ummm? Acknowledge another’s right of choice and decision making.

Make room and give invitation to the others’ thought, feelings, opinion and intellect to be given.

Its great to make sure your words are received as you have intentioned, if thats possible.  This brings clarity, puts all on the same page and blocks misunderstanding. If you can affirm your words are received and understood, you have just now evolved together.🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

Good intent is to want a response of understanding and then a defining of where there is agreement and disagreement. Having the right intention is very respectful.

Now, the most mature of us understands that it is okay to disagree about a subject without feeling that we are being disrespected.

Helpful hints to establish that you mean to show respect are:

  • Have control of your demeanor (how you say what you say)
  • Calm and unintimidating words
  • Accepting a different view
  • Smile
  • Use terms of endearment

Finally, the very most important part is a desire to be respectful, which in turn ensures you’re being respected. I sincerely believe our relationships would be better and more enjoyable. Amen?

While this maybe enlightenment for some, a compass for others, let us understand the lines of respect and be careful not to cross them. When we do be ready to get it straight and when we’re disrespected be ready to let it go because the other person just doesnt know what you know. Let it go and if possible let them go too.

Peace & Love

Lisa Reid

Talkin bout, Speakin to, Sayin what?

Are you a commoner or are you a success? We often hear that there are habits of the successful, which I believe is true. One habit as it pertains to this post, is that the successful have a specific language, they talk in a certain way and their conversations are progressive.

Everyone is speaking, even the quite silent type. We all have so much to say, but is it worth saying?

We talk about others to others, we talk  about ourselves to ourselves, and  most often we talk too much about nothing. Maybe because we are not yet conscious of the power of speech.

Words are directives, words are self fulfilling, and certainly words are creative. So, what have we created?

Are we using words by design or by default? Humor me for a moment, if you have what you say, do like the words coming out of your mouth? Look at the world you’ve created, isn’t it a lovely design of beauty and magnificence?

Some can say yes and some may say hold on; I tried to do it or some may say, I couldn’t do that, and some, he/she did this, to me. What did your words have to do with any of these outcome?

I’d like to think that if we were definitely sure and understood the power of our words, we would intentionally talk all the time. If we believed in the actual creative development of words, why would anyone shut up? Endless and ceaseless yacking of dreams, outcomes, and divine hooks ups should be obsessive.

So, let me ask the question again, what are you talkin about your life, what are you speakin about your situations, and what are you sayin about yourself and others?

Words are so very powerful, giving life or defeat. You are either woke or sleeping and that can be known by what you talk about. Your words give YOU away, when listened to carefully, in the same way your words give your LIFE away by how you speak.

  • Affirmations are neccessary for success.
  • Declarations are a pathway to success.
  • Clarity of speech, (saying what you mean and meaning what you say), is a road map to success.

If, I said, if words are sure to manifest make sure they manifest what you want. How long do you think you have, to say you are fat, you are sick of, sick & tired, or that you are stupid before it’s true, 15 maybe 20 years?

Here’s a challenge for you, make a affirmation or declaration about you and your future and post it.

Be great!

Lisa Reid

The Me Too Movement!


While so many of us can say “me too”, to some kind of abuse and disparity with others or community. We can also declare “me too”, to the experiences of healing, of prosperity, of miracles, and of favor thats happened. What am I suggesting? Well, often times we identify with horrible and unfortunate things that have happened to someone because we can identify with it, we remember how we felt in the same or similar incident. The feelings and thoughts are present, with sadness, anger or guilt as say “me too”

“Me too”, proclaims how an experience resonates with us, it indicates how we identify with the suffering, pain, or abuse of another. “Me too” connects us emotionally with a past situation or circumstances.

“Me too” can also connect us to a future experience desired. So, lets exclaim “me too” every time we hear of a lottery winner, a new homeowner,  we see someone driving in the car we love. SAY Me too, with the excitement that must have accompanied that fabulous moment of accomplishment.

Me too is not only an identifier of the past but a bridge to creation of the future. We can deliberately create by resonating with an experience that can be ours. Me too is personal, it’s an expression, a declaration, an exist and an entrance.

I’m saying me too every time I hear good news with a personal embrass of jubilation.

Me too is a movement for identification of the past AND for the future.

Lisa Reid


It’s time Y’all

It’s time to step into and step up to. I believe NOW more than ever before is the time to pursue dreams, determine direction, and set goals. Make baby steps or huge leaps into a dream with the confidence that success is meant to be.

It’s time to shake off, drop and release limits and doubt. We can all seek and align to therapeutic paths and energies to get over the dogma of our past. Choose what you like, will it be the gym, the church, books, or just getting counseling. Do what you gotta do and do it for your success.

So, the question becomes what do you want? Is it love, joy, wealth, health, full in the blank, THEN go after it.

What does it look like in your minds eye, see it everyday and get hungry, get obsessed. Feed the fuel yall!

It’s time to let go; You gotta let go of what; the past and its hurts and wounds because the energy of it is holding you back.

Let go of what; the doubtful and negative thoughts that are causing delays and stagnation in your life. Every time you plan to make a move, mr. doubt & ms negativity starts talking. Let them go.

And this is my last one. Let go of what; knowing it all and having to be right.  Drop the mic!!!

You don’t know everything about everything and what you do know needs more. You should hope to be wrong sometimes rather than wanting to be right. Some of y’all are fulfilling self prophecy, being right and the prophecy aint serving you. Give yourself the chance to learn. Be teachable. Hey, if what you already know got you in a space you don’t like, then it’s time to learn something new.

It’s time AND it’s your time, yeah you, to be blessed.



The End & The Beginning

“It’s the worst of times and the best of times”.

It’s TRUE universally and personally. We all must step into these days of change with passion and purpose. We get to display our passion and determine our purpose, in the current state of affairs.

We have this unique opportunity to define what represents us, our values, and our convictions. While we do this publicly, we cannot overlook where we stand privately and personally.

It is in this day as we make history universally, we make internal progress by speaking our truth through the support we give in word and action, so much so that we are compelled to seek our authenticity, understanding what we are deserving of as expressions of the Almighty, and we become more convinced that it is our time to shine!

To shine means to have and to hold our rights for liberty, in health, in commerce, and in the pursuit of happiness in all areas of life. Many are now finally ready to protect, defend, and relish in these things to make them evident in our existence.

We are all equal, and equally loved. So let’s move in self love and love others in like manner.

Hallelujah 🤗

Lisa Reid


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