You are so damn disrespectful, but I let it go🤣

Let’s face it, we all have the tendency  to be disrespectful. And, hopefully we have the decency to apologize, huh? So, I think it’s SO, neccessary to define the lines of respect.

Okay, its disrespectful when you let someone borrow yo broke down hooptie. Howbout, going on a walk run with someone on their familiar trail and it turns out to be a uphill hike? SO, disrespectful. And lastly someone posting that disapproving photo of you on social media, right?

On a serious note, we all deal with some level of disrespect. So while this is an issue that can be conquered, please know disrespect breeds disrespect. And make no mistakes about it, if you practice consciously or unconsciously disrespect in your relationships there is disfunction. Whether the relationship is parent /child, spouses, friendships, family friends, or coworkers, bliss in the relationship begins, I said begins, with respect otherwise it can be a war zone.

So, let’s get into this with ground rules of engagement.

FIRSTLY, each idividuals’ thought, feeling, opinion, and intellect must be considered and involved.

So, please allow the engagement of the other person, for anything else is narcissistic, ummm? Acknowledge another’s right of choice and decision making.

Make room and give invitation to the others’ thought, feelings, opinion and intellect to be given.

Its great to make sure your words are received as you have intentioned, if thats possible.  This brings clarity, puts all on the same page and blocks misunderstanding. If you can affirm your words are received and understood, you have just now evolved together.🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

Good intent is to want a response of understanding and then a defining of where there is agreement and disagreement. Having the right intention is very respectful.

Now, the most mature of us understands that it is okay to disagree about a subject without feeling that we are being disrespected.

Helpful hints to establish that you mean to show respect are:

  • Have control of your demeanor (how you say what you say)
  • Calm and unintimidating words
  • Accepting a different view
  • Smile
  • Use terms of endearment

Finally, the very most important part is a desire to be respectful, which in turn ensures you’re being respected. I sincerely believe our relationships would be better and more enjoyable. Amen?

While this maybe enlightenment for some, a compass for others, let us understand the lines of respect and be careful not to cross them. When we do be ready to get it straight and when we’re disrespected be ready to let it go because the other person just doesnt know what you know. Let it go and if possible let them go too.

Peace & Love

Lisa Reid

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